WeightlifTEEN is a weightlifting program geared toward 12-18 year olds. Weightlifting can be your main sport, where you compete and train often, or it can be used as an accessory to develop a strength baseline to be better at basketball, soccer, track, or any other sport you may choose.

WeightlifTEEN is for anybody looking to improve their strength. Our goal is to get athletes moving in new and fun ways, with an incredible community surrounding and encouraging them.

If you are new to weightlifting, please attend a free intro session with the two weightlifting coaches.

Free Introduction Sessions are scheduled on treetown.pike13.com

Current weekly schedule is:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 3:45-4:45

*Schedule is subject to change

120$ / 4-week cycle

WLT is programmed on a 4-week cycle. Billing will occur every 4 weeks.
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