Goal Oriented Aerobic Training

CrossFit TreeTown is excited to announce our GOAT program; this Goal Oriented Aerobic Training program is designed to enhance your CrossFit experience, supplement your sport outside of the gym, be a really fun way to train, and make you a more efficient, long-lasting, and powerful athlete.

We will train aerobic capacity using running intervals, the SkiErg and rowing machines, and a state-of-the-art smart bike studio equipped with reactive bicycle trainers and training software. Paired with weight training and supplemental CrossFit classes, training under GOAT will open up opportunities for an athlete to conquer any sport or activity at peak potential.

GOAT classes will be set up and run by a coach in the same way a crossfit class is; an hour to 90 minutes, with most sessions will including a warmup, strength, workout, mobility/skill/cooldown. Members can add on a GOAT membership in conjunction with a current CrossFit or Olympic Lifting membership or join as a stand alone GOAT member. Training plans can be individualized to reflect a specific goal or the programming can follow a set cycle similar to how current CrossFit and Olympic Lifting programs work.

As part of GOAT, members will work through an introduction session with a coach to cover bike fitment and adjustment, account set-up and activation, basic riding skills and technique, and testing to determine working percentages to use in goal setting and programming set-up. This test is a 20 minute ride called an FTP, Functional Threshold Power test, and gives a base number to use to set up power based rides.

Additional sessions will cover CrossFit integration and additional aerobic baselines to assist in designing the perfect training plan for every individual. GOAT will incorporate running and rowing, as well as the biking, and training will revolve around these mono-structural workouts and focus more intently on the aerobic aspects of CrossFit. The strength portions will be more volume focused with lifting to increase muscular endurance to fully support an increase in aerobic capacity. GOAT members can follow the programming in a scheduled class setting or on their own in open gym times.

Monthly GOAT and CrossFit Memberships Range from $160 – $220

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