Our free intro class is for individuals who are curious about CrossFit or have never been through another facilities onboarding/onramp program. If you have have more than 6 months CrossFit experience or another facilities onboarding/onramp program, and interested in learning more about TreeTown, please contact us

Our free introduction class is held most Saturday’s at noon. If this time does not work for you, please contact us to set up a better time that works for you.

This is so much more than just a guided workout! During this class, a CrossFit coach will take you on a tour of our “box” (aka CrossFit gym), explain the theory behind CrossFit and how we do things at TreeTown.

Our coach then leads you through a warm up and through some several foundational movements (squat, deadlift, and press). This will prepare you for you for a six-minute workout to get the feel of a CrossFit class.

Following the workout the coach will walk you through our Initial 6 week membership.

This introduction is for you to soak up the atmosphere at TreeTown, see our facility, meet our community of coaches and everyday athletes, get all of your questions answered, and see if we’re a good fit to help you meet your health and fitness goals. This is not an opportunity to prove how strong and fit you may already be. We promise, you will have plenty of time to impress us if you choose to join us.

If, after your introduction class, you’re ready to join us for our Initial 6-week membership, one of our coaches can help walk you through the process and get you started.


Your complete introduction to TreeTown takes place over six weeks. We don’t believe in cutting corners—and that includes when we show prospective members how we pursue fitness, health, and happiness!


We have found that if we can help you through your first six weeks of training, you will begin to create new habits and you will start to see real changes in your health and fitness! How quickly you see change, you form habits, get to know people, be more comfortable with movements.

Your journey at TreeTown starts with several assessments.These give us a snapshot of your current health and fitness, help us design a customized plan for you, and will be used later on to assess progress and if any changes should be made to your programming.

Weeks 1 & 2
The first five assessments below should be completed during the first and second week of your six-week initial membership. The Baseline/Class Movements Assessment should be your first, while two through four can be done in any order. The Goal Setting appointment should be made towards the end of week two (after your three assessments and the metabolic test). The final assessment should be scheduled during your last week of the initial membership.

If your schedule allows, feel free to attend classes in between assessments. If you do not complete the first five appointments within your first two weeks, you will not be able to attend any classes until you do.

Initial Six-Week Assessment – Baseline/Class Movements
During your Baseline/Class Movement Assessment, a coach will take you through several baseline benchmark tests, including but not limited to the air squat, front squat, deadlift, shoulder press, core stability, etc. You’ll finish this session with a three-minute workout, and you’ll be set up on SugarWod and Self Loops (two programs we use to help track members’ progress).

Initial Six-Week Assessment – Clean and Jerk
You will work one on one with a USAW L-1/L-2 coach during your one-hour Clean and Jerk Assessment. Your coach will take you through progressions of the movement to help understand the basics give you confidence when you join a class using this movement.

Initial Six-Week Assessment – Snatch
During this one-hour session, your coach will build on the principles learned during your Clean and Jerk Assessment while adding the next major barbell movement: the snatch.

Initial Six-Week Assessment – Metabolic/Body Composition Test
Your coach will have you perform a short workout using a heart rate monitor and the PNOE Metabolic Breath Analyzer. This is called a maximum aerobic function (MAF) test. A review of this initial test will show you and your coach the best place to start in your fitness training. During this assessment, we will also complete an Inbody body composition test. Both tests will give us tremendous insight during our goal setting consultation to ensure the program we build for you aligns with your health and fitness goals.

Initial Six-Week Assessment – Goal Setting/Review
With all of the information collected from the assessment process,a coach will sit down with you to explain all of the readings and how they help form your personal training program. They will also outline for you the steps to take to achieve your health and fitness goals. This will include nutrition guidelines, review of other lifestyle habits like sleep, and types and frequency of fitness classes to attend.

Weeks 3-5
The first Assessments will likely take up most of your first 2 weeks at TreeTown. After these assessments we recommend you to start joining classes regularly.

Your 6 week membership is designed to see if TreeTown is a good fit for your goals and if you’re a good fit at TreeTown.

To get the most out of your initial membership we recommend at least 4 classes per week. This does not have to be only CrossFit Classes. We offer a variety of classes, CrossFit, G.O.A.T., Weightlifting for CrossFit, Weightlifting with Coach, Yoga. You are encouraged to try different classes and coaches to get a better understanding of what we do at TreeTown.

Week 6
Initial 6 week Assessment – Final Assessment/Review
At the end of your initial six-week assessment period, you will retest parts of the initial baseline assessment and review where you are now vs where you were when you first started. During this session your coach will also explain various membership options for continuing at TreeTown.