“This is an amazing place to get a great work out, meet awesome people, and feel great about yourself! Highly recommend for any fitness level – the talented and motivating trainers will scale your workout so that it pushes YOU to do your best!” – Emily

“I am an international student from South Korea and whenever I come back to UofM I always end up binge eating and gaining at least 20 pounds each semester. All of this changed the day I started at TreeTown. Max is a rare trainer who is not only fun and easygoing, but also pushes you when he believes that you need to be pushed to the limit. This is probably the most serious that I have been about my workouts, and I am having more fun than ever. I personally would like to thank not only Max, but also the entire TreeTown community for being so nice and supportive of me and each other.” – Jae

“Fantastic coaches, welcoming community, challenging workouts. It’s a great place to find out just how strong, fit, healthy, happy, and badass you can be.” – Ariel

“This is a great gym and I LOVE CrossFit! The training is encouraging, personal, and pushing you to always do better. I have been here now for a month and I see and feel the changes! The atmosphere is always 100% positive!” – Karyn

“My friend, coach, and trainer Max L. Finkbeiner has inspired in me the desire to be an athlete and has found one where I didn’t know she existed. Words of encouragement are always combined with knowledge and great teaching breaking down the skills needed in CrossFit. He is always making class fun and motivating, and observes the growth and changes that beginning athletes (heck, all athletes!) need to keep going. He is truly a gifted coach and trainer, walks the walk, and has inspired me to try my first triathlon at age 45! Thanks for everything, Max!” – Jennifer

“Previously, I would try to get in shape by jogging or joining a regular gym. I almost never saw the results I was hoping for, and I would just give up. The CrossFit community changed all that. The encouragement and support of my fellow CrossFitters and trainers have been the key to my success. Now, at 40 years old, I am more fit than I have ever been in my life.” – Joey

“In addition to the mental training that CrossFit invites, I love experiencing the physical gains of my training. I see my reflexes improve, my body shape change, and my confidence grow. As my weights continue to go up and my times keep going down, I see endless possibilities for personal growth.” – Jessie


“My wife and I dropped in on Friday afternoon; we had a great time and got in a pretty awesome sweat. First time I have been coached and treated like a client when dropping in somewhere. Great coaches, thanks.” – Kurt

“I dropped in to the gym a few times while visiting for graduation. The space and equipment were top notch. The coaching was structured and everyone’s attention to detail/form was noticed. Great gym!” – Rachel

“I travel quite a bit and have dropped in at CrossFit gyms all over the place, and this was one of the most welcoming gyms I’ve been to. Max is really friendly and warm. The training and programming were top-notch, and the community is great.” – Jessica