Max L. Finkbeiner – Founder, Head Coach
Max is the founder and lead trainer at CrossFit TreeTown. Gifted with an eye for movement and technique, Max has been developing athletes of all ages and experience levels since 2007. “I enjoy teaching and coaching adults and children immensely.

Jess Spicer
Jessica was bit by the CrossFit bug in June 2011. After attending her first class and barely making it through the warm-up, she knew this was something she wanted to be a part of—a community of athletes helping each other achieve something great: health and happiness.

Andy Spicer
Andy attended his first CrossFit class in October 2012 and hasn’t been able to stay away ever since! After failing to find a versatile fitness challenge in workouts like P90X, P90X2, and Insanity, Andy found what he was looking for in CrossFit and its enthusiastic community.

Josh Leonardis
Josh has built his life around human movement. After graduating from high school, he went on to play college football, which led to his first job in strength and conditioning.

Jessica Chaplin
Jessica found a passion for weightlifting early, in fact she joined her local gym the same day she got her driver’s license. Her love for weightlifting and general fitness spanned more than a decade until “life” got in the way.

Monica Bruell
Monica began doing the official CrossFit website (mainsite) workouts in the summer of 2012 on her own without even knowing how to scale workouts. But she was determined.

Brian Muscat
Brian attended his first CrossFit class in September 2014. His interest in the sport was piqued when he saw people running outside in the rain carrying slam balls. Were those people crazy, or on to something great? He had to give it a try. Now going on two plus years as a CrossFit athlete, Brian’s drive to achieve a high level of athletic virtuosity is still what motivates and pushes him.

Kate Caines
After the birth of her first child, Kate wanted an effective and efficient way to get back into shape and back to the active life she loved. She reached out to her local YMCA and asked for a personal trainer that was willing to go above and beyond just using the weight machines and treadmills and was paired with a drop-in coach from a local CrossFit box.

Jonathan Peregrino
Jonathan began pursuing athletic competitions during college at Indiana University. During his sophomore year, he and some friends formed a team to compete in a bike race based on the Indianapolis 500—a 200-lap, single-speed bike race between 33 teams with 4 people on a team. Jonathan trained for nearly a year, including all through a Midwest winter!

Claire Tewksbury
In 2016, a friend dragged Claire to her first CrossFit class. She had her doubts about this fitness program. Although she was hesitant to commit at first, she did a few drop in classes and was soon convinced CrossFit was her new love.

Heather Cameron, Yoga
Heather has been practicing Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga since 2011 and joined CrossFit TreeTown in 2016. She apprenticed with Jason Schramm of Detroit Yoga and began instructing in 2013. After her yoga studio closed in Ann Arbor, some yoga friends convinced her to come to a class at TreeTown and she never looked back!

Adrian Ohmer, Yoga
Adrian comes from an athletic family—with two collegiate soccer-playing brothers and a father who is a professional soccer referee—but he was the book-loving brother. That said, running was his first love, and he was a cross-country and track runner throughout his childhood and high school career.

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