Targeted Heart Rate-Based Training

Training at your Maximum Aerobic Function (MAF) heart rate increases your maximum aerobic threshold (MAT) to maximize adaption; this leads to safe and sustainable growth in strength, stamina, and cardiovascular intensity. By learning to pace yourself, you reduce injury and improve cardiac function allowing your body to adapt to accommodate more efficient intense exercise without giving up quality of everyday life. We use PNOE metabolic analyzers to determine your specific MAF heart-rate, ensuring you train optimally and safely to attain your goals. We analyze the usage and relationship between oxygen and carbon dioxide and also take into account the type of fuel being used while under the strain of exercise. These health markers and metrics are continually assessed and are used to mark improvement of overall health both during exercise and at rest.

Progressive Programming

We continually evolve programing based on health surveys, analysis of performance, and body composition tests. By monitoring changes, we can ensure training is successful and effective.

Functional Aerobic Fitness
Our programming incorporates all standard functional fitness movements with a range of weights, gymnastic and technical movements, and cardiovascular modalities throughout a variety of low and high-volume reps and intensities.

Heart Rate Data

With the data from continually assessing heart rate during these movements in training, tests, benchmarks, and analyzing daily activities, we customize each training session resulting in teaching and enabling the body to recover, adapt faster, safer, and with less inflammation, soreness, and injury.

Don’t have a metabolic analyzer?

Getting a metabolic test is the best way to know your exact training heart rate but if access to a metabolic analyzer is not possible, 180 – your age is a great baseline developed by Dr. Phil Maffetone. If you would like to get more specific information about Maffetone’s method or to take Dr. Maffetone’s survey, visit or download the MAF App.