Jonathan Peregrino
Membership Services & Baked Treat Specialist

Jonathan began pursuing athletic competitions during college at Indiana University. During his sophomore year, he and some friends formed a team to compete in a bike race based on the Indianapolis 500—a 200-lap, single-speed bike race between 33 teams with 4 people on a team. Jonathan trained for nearly a year, including all through a Midwest winter! On race day, on his first lap—not even 1/2 way through the lap—he flipped over the handlebars and broke his collarbone. He didn’t know it, but the bike he was riding had been involved in a crash earlier in the race, and the tire and front fork were bent. Even with this setback, his training experience for this first race kicked off his enjoyment of being active.

After college, Jonathan watched a friend train for a triathlon and thought to himself, “I can do that.” He jumped straight in and his first race was an Olympic-distance triathlon in 2005. Despite brutally hot temperatures, he proudly finished in 3h 25m. Jonathan was ready to set new goals. He challenged myself to complete a half Ironman (1.2mi swim, 56mi bike, 13.1mi run) and then a full Ironman (2.4mi swim, 112mi bike, 26.2mi run) when he turned 30. Although the timing got pushed back a few years, in November 2014, he completed his first Ironman, Ironman Arizona, in 13h 42m 37s.

When Jonathan moved to Ann Arbor in 2014, it was his partner, Jeremy, who joined CrossFit TreeTown first. After hearing from Jeremy how much he liked it and seeing it as an opportunity to spend time together, Jonathan joined. With new workouts every day and a tight-knit, supportive, fun community, Jonathan became hooked on CrossFit and the family at TreeTown.

Jonathan now supports the TreeTown family by keeping the gym organized, helping new members, planning special events, and keeping everyone in high spirits. He recently became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. “Knowing that I can be a part of someone’s growth and fitness success and help them become a better version of themself—that’s an amazing feeling for me and one of the reasons I decided to go for my CF-L1.


  • BS, Indiana University
  • CrossFit Level I Trainer
  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling Classic Certification
  • IRONMAN Athlete Competitor

Erica Gordon
Membership Experience Facilitator & Dog Whisperer

Erica joined the gym in 2015 to lose weight and improve her cardio capabilities. She started out slowly, unsure if she could really do this. And now, she’s a regular! “Working out at CrossFit TreeTown is a fun way to stay in shape and keep up my motivation. The workouts are always different and challenging. I love the friendly atmosphere and awesome community.”

When the demands at her job decreased and she had more time on her hands, Max asked her to take a few pictures of classes in action to feature online. When she finally left her job, Erica found herself more and more at TreeTown. She quickly became a point person behind new member orientation. Now, she is a key part of every member’s welcome at TreeTown. “I love hanging out and helping out. You’ll find me at the gym with a camera in hand or on the floor in a puddle recovering from a workout.”

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