We are always working to make our facility more useful and beneficial to members. We offer a full range of CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting equipment for member use. In keeping with the CrossFit approach to fitness, we have several boards throughout the facility for members to record their daily stats, celebrate their achievements, encourage each other, and read announcements.

Main Room

Our classes take place in the largest of three spaces, where we also keep most of our equipment, including:

  • Full rig with lifting racks, gymnastic rings,
    pull-up bars, and wall ball targets
  • Parallel bars
  • Sled & harness
  • Barbells and plates
  • Concept2 rowing machines
  • Assault air bikes
  • Glute ham developer (GHD)
  • Utility benches
  • Peg board
  • Climbing ropes
  • Jump ropes
  • Lifting straps
  • Weightlifting belts
  • Medicine balls
  • Slam balls
  • Kettlebells
  • Dumb bells
  • Flat pack games boxes
  • AbMats
  • Foam rollers
  • PVC pipes for stretching
TreeTown Accessory Room (TAR)

The TreeTown Accessory Room, or TAR, contains space and equipment for additional training, stretching, and coaching outside of classes. In here we have more specialized equipment—like a SkiErg—to aid members in reaching their individual training goals—whether it’s improving a specific movement in a sport or improving everyday CrossFit movements.


We offer a small lounge with TreeTown merchandise and nutrition supplements for purchase. There is an area for coats and gym bags to be stored during class and shoe cubbies.