Located in the historic and eclectic Water Hill neighborhood on the north side of Ann Arbor, CrossFit TreeTown is an official CrossFit affiliate and is unique in the fitness community. We strive to build an accepting community that embraces fitness, health, and happiness, believing that the former produces the latter.

You shouldn’t be intimated when you think of new, challenging workouts and strength training. Our goal is to make training safe and doable at every experience level using CrossFit’s unique fitness regimen. This creates results for our members that transfer to everyday life. Whether it’s walking up the stairs, lifting a bag of dog food, or playing with your kids, CrossFit TreeTown aims to make the functional movements of these activities easier and more enjoyable.

One of TreeTown’s greatest assets is our small class sizes, which have fostered a unique “where everybody knows your name” community. With class sizes of no more than 15 people, members are sure to receive proper instruction and coaching, maximizing safety and results. Regardless of skill level, every member of TreeTown is equally welcome and recognized as an athlete with goals that we seek to help achieve.

A free introduction class for those new to CrossFit will show any skeptic that the right atmosphere and coaching will produce healthy, injury-free athletes. Experienced CrossFitters are always welcome to take advantage of our drop-in option for classes to make sure you never miss a workout. So come check us out, meet our trainers, meet our members, and let us help you become more fit, healthy, and happy.

Our Community is Growing!

As you all know, we have been implementing the Ticker Training philosophy into our daily programming for the past year, and many of you have noticed the results. I’m so ... Read More...