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GOAT or Goal Oriented Aerobic Training- is the part of CrossFit that not only can make you a better Cross-Fitter but can also make you better adapted for all aspects of life. We use longer efforts, 45 minuets to an hour, to train the aerobic system to grow and respond and to work in ways that help sustain training, movement, and play across broad time.

Biking, rowing, running and skiing, paired with some weights, body weight and gymnastics movements allow the body to grow and learn to be efficient while at work and also at rest; it helps build an engine and metabolism that will keep burning and working and adapting.

There are no beginners and no masters, every athlete can benefit from training and refining the aerobic system to be as efficient as possible. As an ever growing, expanding, and changing system, the aerobic training GOAT offers will never reach peak but always expand the top end of possibility.

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