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The best way to warm up for a squat is to squat, the best way to get ready for a clean is to clean, the best way to get ready to run is to run, the best way to get ready to do pull-ups it to–you get the idea.

If your warm-up does not include any of the movements that are part of the task at hand, then you are warming up improperly. The best way to prepare you for the day’s effort is to do reps–lots and lots of reps–beforehand at a slower speed, lighter weight, or from different positions. During this preparation phase, it is important to get the blood pumping and to refine technique and movement patterns. Your warm-up is every bit as important as the workout, and so it should be taken just as seriously, and you should be just as attentive. Movement patterns are being set, confidence is being built, and your focus here can determine the day’s results.

You can do all the stretching, mobility, banded stretching, banded mobility you like, but if you are not doing multiple reps before your workout, you may be leaving results on the table. Or inviting injury.

Follow Coach Claire as she works with members during the general warm-up to get the blood pumping, and through the skill-specific warm-up to improve technique, ensure safety, and build your confidence for the day’s workout.

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