Welcome to CrossFit TreeTown!

I was having a conversation with a member last month, and I asked her why she joined TreeTown. She quickly responded, “People said ‘hello’ to me here!” I thought maybe it was the coaching, cool equipment, the facility, or the location, but no. It was all of you!
The small gesture of a member taking a moment to reach out and say “Hi!” went beyond all the other qualities of our gym. Who knows what could have happened to this member had we all just ignored her. She may have gone down the wrong path. Instead of beginning her journey to becoming a healthier, more badass version of herself, what if instead she decided to go have a donut, then pizza, then wine? We all know wine is a gateway drug to ice cream! Soon she is unrecognizable, not because she has become a happier, healthy version of herself, but because ice cream has taken over and she is living from pint to pint.
So if you see a face at TreeTown you don’t recognize, please, take a moment to say “hello” and introduce yourself. You may be making a new friend and keeping them off the pint!

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