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Ticker Talk at CrossFit Justice

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Max Sits down to explain Ticker Training and implementing it at CrossFit Justice. Max get’s into an in depth discussion surrounding the Ticker Training Program and what it means for your health and performance longterm.

Training To Be Your Best

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Building a Giant Aerobic Engine

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In this episode of Ticker Talk Kate and Max discuss how to build a huge aerobic base and why long efforts matter as do short work to res tatios in the grand scheme of training. How scaling is vital to maintain these stimuli and how sticking with it provides rapid gains with literal little perceived effort!

Is Ticker Training at CrossFit TreeTown Making You Invincible?

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In this episode of Ticker Talk Kate and Max discuss why members are feeling so great and eager for more work even after completing a training session that involved 300 wall balls, or 100 Thrusters, an even 450 Double unders. We answer why is this happening, and how we should be careful adding intensity during this high volume phase of training. We also discuss Kate eating bourbon for dinner, and how she needed almond butter for energy the following day.

Volume Versus Intensity

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Today’s Ticker Talk with Max and Kate is a little all over the place but has some great discussion points surounding doing 450 Double unders, 300 Wall Balls and what this type of volume done at low intensity can do for you over the longterm. As well as how adding to much intensity to the volume can lead to fatigue or injury. We also discuss adding additional stress to your system and how that effects your MAF. 

Living a Big Life with Dana Leenheer

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Today on Ticker Talk Kate and Max sit down with CrossFit TreeTown Member and Ticker Training enthusiast Dana Leenheer to discuss her awesome Saturday morning. We learn a bit about Dana’s past ahtletic career, her progress back to health and fitness and how she was able to shift her mindset for training aposed to competing or racing everyday in CrossFit.

The PNOE, What is it, what can it tell me and why would I want to do that?

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In This episode of Ticker Talk Kate and Max sit down with Claire to discuss what they learned about doing a metabolic test with the Pnoe.  They share what they learned during the 12 minute test….

The under 10 minute version of what all a Body Comp Appointment entails at CrossFit TreeTown

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In this episode of Ticker Talk, Kate and Max sit down with Claire once again to discuss what all in included in a 30 minute session. It’s more than just the numbers.. Claire discusses how she works with members to improve overall health with small sustainable lifestyle changes, to help you live your most full filled life!  

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