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When I became a CrossFit coach, I didn’t really know why I was doing it. I thought it would be fun. When I starting CrossFitting, I was quite good at it. I moved well and caught on to the movements pretty easily. Becoming a coach seemed like a natural progression.

Shortly after becoming a coach, I realized why I enjoyed it so much. To me, it means connecting with others and giving them what sport has given me. Throughout life, sport has helped to build my confidence, self belief, and inner strength that can only come from challenging oneself in different ways. Through CrossFit I have been able to do things I never thought were possible — physically, personally, and as a business man. I just want to share that with others. If I can help someone believe in themselves a little more and have courage to try new things, whether that’s in the gym or in life, it feels like a very positive thing that I can give to others.

When I opened CrossFit TreeTown, I was given the opportunity to do all of this, as well as to instill these ideas in other coaches that work at TreeTown so that they may share that same gift. Of course health, fitness, and wellness all go hand in hand with that, but it’s funny how as we become more confident and stronger, we become healthier and happier individuals.

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