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When I think about why I coach, a couple of things come to mind…

Experiencing the joy of helping others thrive is the greatest reward you get as a coach. As you expand their possibilities, yours expand tenfold. Everything you have done and will do becomes full of meaning and possibility. Every athlete I coach is a mirror for me – for me to see how I can better myself for them.

The Pursuit of Human Greatness

As a member of CrossFit TreeTown (and more importantly as a trainer), setting high and consistent standards across the board for your athletes not only makes them the best version they can be, but it makes you keep a higher standard for yourself. You cannot ask your athletes to do something you are not willing to do yourself. Setting high standards in the gym translates to setting high standards in your life. How cool is it to be able to help someone grow like this?

Expanding My Cultural Awareness

As you coach people from around the world, you learn something new every day. You get to know your members on a person level – where they are from, what brought them to TreeTown, what their goals are. Eventually, people you otherwise might not have had the chance to meet, become friends, and as a community we become family.

Together we can change the world one athlete at a time – ultimately, isn’t this why we do what we do? To build true wealth in all areas of our community? Everyone deserves to be fit, happy, and healthy. So, I guess the answer to “why do I coach” boils down to one reason: to help people become the very best version of themselves!

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