Kate Caines

  • BS, Eastern Michigan University

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

After the birth of her first child, Kate wanted an effective and efficient way to get back into shape and back to the active life she loved. She reached out to her local YMCA and asked for a personal trainer that was willing to go above and beyond just using the weight machines and treadmills and was paired with a drop-in coach from a local CrossFit box. She learned to love double unders performed with a plastic-lined playground jump rope in the open gym, was snatching and doing burpees next to the circuit set, and used the sides of the cable machine to do pull-ups. She was hooked!

A second kid for Kate and a move to CrossFit Tree Town meant strapping her daughter Midge on her so she could continue training. This deepened her love for CrossFit and made her want to share this passion with others. Even before Kate became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, she was instilling a love for fitness in her family.And this couldn’t be more evident than in little Midge herself, who once was along for the ride but now loves to help coach, encourage, cheer, and make obstacle courses for members (when she isn’t busy helping with the office work and dog wrangling in the office).

“I want her, and my son, to grow up in an environment where they see people of all shapes and sizes and colors and types come in and work hard and have fun and be healthy, happy, better people because of it. And there is no better place to do all of that than in a CrossFit box!” says Kate. It is her love for this community that keeps her passion alive and her striving to always work hard to be a better coach, athlete, and influence.

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