Heather Cameron, Yoga

  • BS, MPH University of Michigan

  • Vinyasa & Ashtanga Yoga Instructor

Heather has been practicing Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga since 2011 and joined CrossFit TreeTown in 2016. She apprenticed with Jason Schramm of Detroit Yoga and began instructing in 2013. After her yoga studio closed in Ann Arbor, some yoga friends convinced her to come to a class at TreeTown and she never looked back!

Heather never really considered herself an athlete, but both yoga and CrossFit have helped her to build confidence in what the body can do and have been key in keeping her physically and mentally fit.

Heather moved to Ann Arbor in 2003 when she started college at the University of Michigan, receiving her BS in 2007 and her MPH in 2011. She now works in research at UofM and spends whatever remaining free time she has with her husband. She would like to get a dog someday and so appreciates fellow CrossFitters bringing in their pups so she can get some serious puppy cuddles!

Heather leads a Vinyasa yoga class at TreeTown, which links breath, posture, and movement. She loves providing a different type of challenge to CrossFitters and seeing students improve their balance, strength, and flexibility.

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