Brian Muscat

  • BA, University of Michigan

  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach

  • CrossFit Level I Trainer

  • PADI Open Water Diver Certificate

  • CrossFit Competitor

Brian attended his first CrossFit class in September 2014. His interest in the sport was piqued when he saw people running outside in the rain carrying slam balls. Were those people crazy, or on to something great? He had to give it a try. Now going on two plus years as a CrossFit athlete, Brian’s drive to achieve a high level of athletic virtuosity is still what motivates and pushes him.

Growing up, Brian played soccer, ran cross country, and in high school ran varsity track. In college, he played rugby as well as a variety of other sports, including lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee, cycling, and swimming, to name a few. However, each sport always seemed to end abruptly because of an injury, whether it was knee, back, or shoulder related. Because CrossFit teaches proper movement patterns and techniques, a lot of these issues have been resolved for Brian. Now, with the ability to achieve a higher level of athleticism, Brian is as excited and as competitive as ever.

“Because of CrossFit, my entire life has changed—physically, mentally, spiritually— and this is such an amazing thing. It is a tremendous feeling being able to handle a situation with the patience, knowledge, and faith that your body and mind will react and do what it has been trained to do with the perseverance to keep going and not quit. We teach that proper movement patterns inspire confidence, health, and happiness. And this is not limited to a one-hour class, but the relation goes beyond the four walls of the box. Life and CrossFit celebrate the small, as well as large, victories. This is a beautiful thing to witness and part of what I love about being a CrossFit athlete and trainer.”

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