Andy Spicer

  • BA, University of Michigan

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

  • CrossFit Competitor

  • Youth Travel Baseball Coach, Dexter

Andy loves a challenge. He’s a lifelong athlete of individual and team sports who is always looking for the next challenge. He was an All-State and All-American swimmer in high school. In college, he took on as many intramural athletics as he could. This love for all things sport compelled him to pursue coaching—first to his own three children in sports (including soccer, volleyball, and baseball) and now to the world of CrossFit!

“At 43, I realized I was at a crossroads – either make the commitment to get really fit, or continue spending two hours at the gym, four days a week seeing minimal results. After a week of CrossFit, I knew this workout regimen was going to take me to a new level of fitness. The great thing about CrossFit is that it is always challenging – whether you are a first-timer or a veteran. There is always room for improvement – always a new test! I also love CrossFit’s application to traditional sports – there is no better barometer of success and fitness than applying CrossFit’s tenants to sport. I challenge you to show me a CrossFitter who hasn’t become better at their sport!”

Today Andy is in the best shape of his life. Last year, he participated in his first CrossFit Competition, placing in the top three against athletes half his age. Two CrossFit Opens later, and adding Barbell Club and Olympic lifting to his regimen, Andy has recently established new personal records in all his major lifts as well as significantly improved his fitness.

“My goal is to help every athlete realize their potential – whether that means deadlifting 500lb or performing their first overhead squat. Helping someone achieve their goals is an incredible gift and a passion I love chasing every day.”

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