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Jenn’s CrossFit Journey “Becoming Better”

Here at CrossFit TreeTown we have incredible athletes, but not everyone starts out that way. When people talk with me about starting CrossFit, I quite often hear ” I need to get in-shape before I start coming to CrossFit.” I usually chuckle a bit at this because...

How Many Did You Get?

What are you really asking when you ask someone, “How many did you get?” or, “What was your time?” We ask this for many reasons. As a coach, I ask to get a pulse on how your training is coming along. I ask to find out if you felt you had a good workout or not. I ask...

Training Vs. Racing: Embrace the Difference

Competition and racing during workouts have always been part of the CrossFit culture, and always will be. This is one of the many tools CrossFit uses to get the most out of its athletes. The problem is when it becomes the most important tool for the athlete or coach....

Coach Max – Why I Coach

When I became a CrossFit coach, I didn’t really know why I was doing it. I thought it would be fun. When I starting CrossFitting, I was quite good at it. I moved well and caught on to the movements pretty easily. Becoming a coach seemed like a natural progression....

Say “Hello!” You Might Change a Life

I was having a conversation with a member last month, and I asked her why she joined TreeTown. She quickly responded, “People said ‘hello’ to me here!” I thought maybe it was the coaching, cool equipment, the facility, or the location, but no. It was all of you! The...

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